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Re: Pet Psychic Experience

My mom gave to me years ago after I had listened to mine. I was 23 newly engaged and just moved to Chicago Southside. It was noon on a beautiful day and I went to the mall alone. When I walked in I met eyes with a perfectly avarage guy sitting on a bench. I saw my death in his eyes, I don't know how else to say it. A voice on my head ( lol) said act normal don't let him know you are on to him. I took the first hallway on the left and went in to a foot locker and ducked behind a rack of shoes. Sure enough, he came walking past the store. The voice ( hey it's my story and that's what happened) said leave the mall walk calm, don't look around, and get your keys out. So I did, and I practiced in my mind , put keys in lock, get in quick and lock the door back. The other part of my mind told me I was being silly, that this whole thing was nothing. I got to my car quick got in slammed the lock, and looked up he was standing right there!!!! Just an inch on the other side of the car door!!!! He patamined like he was talking, but didn't make a sound. I started the car and got the heck out of there, and the last look he gave me was like ya , you were on to me, well played. Never before or since have I felt I was looking death in the eye. And this guy didn't look weird, he medium height medium weight, medium brown hair cut short and neatly dressed in very average clothes. You can take the story how you want, but I knew he was going to kill me. .. and I'm glad I listened to that voice, and no I haven't heard a voice again if I would have hesitated in unlocking and locking my door he would have had me..he was right there , must have been inches behind me , it's still terrifying to rember it
I have picked up hitch hickers who have needed help, and when a lady asked me in a restaurant in New York City to serve her husband papers I did, cuz I could tell she needed help..
So strust your gut, instincts, or whatever you want to call it.
May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your sorrows as light as the foam.

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