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Re: How Can I Entice Murphy To Leave His Cage?

I purchased the family friendly parrot videos from talks a lot about gaining your birds trust/bonding. Our bird is very curious (hes new to us as well), he loves to come out of his cage, loves to explore, and loves to just sit cage top and snooze. Our bird however does not like me so much lately(rather hostile at times to)...hes more into my husband.

With that said though the video talked about desensitizing the animal to the person or thing that maybe intimidates them.

Its all about positive reinforcement and positive punishment. For your bird a positive reinforcement would be coming outside the cage for that favorite treat! Maybe you can hang a perch on the door and get an easy to attach food dish to put on the outside on the cage wall. I would only put the favorite treat in that dish...his reward would be coming out to get the treat. If he wants to go back to his cage once he gets it that's fine... eventually he will build up confidence and explore further. His positive punishment might be... you only get the treat if you go get it from the outside bowl.

It also helps when the bird is hungry, then they are more willing to "perform" for their treat. I would try this first thing in the morning before he gets breakfast.

Jim was right though time and patience goes a long way.
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