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Re: Retractable dog leash for parrots

Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD View Post
I hadn't even thought of the fact that those retractable dog leashes come in a small-size like that; I have always had medium to large dogs and only even had the larger ones that come whipping-backwards with pretty-good force...So it's a great idea as long as people know to buy the smallest size of retractable leash...
Yep, most pet stores around where I live have different sizes on display and I personally found that the XS had MORE of a pull than the S - this may have been a one off or brand specific.

We currently have one dog, Latte, (about 70 lbs) and due to his size we dont use a flexi (and because we want him to have proper leash behaviour - although retractable leash vs traditional leash for a dog is a whole other topic). Also because he is a trained service dog (also why he can interact (supervised, of course) with Sammy) he's highly trained both to ignore other animals (including dogs, parrots etc.) when working (and off duty, by command) and good behaviour.
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