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Time to re-home?

So.... I've had Ricky and Lucy since they were weaned. At about eight months in, Lucy started to become territorial and aggressive. She will defend the cage an chase Ricky all over. Ricky can take care of himself, and for the most part, they get along.

I figured that Lucy was going through puberty, and at some point, she would calm down.


They are about 18 months old, and while Ricky is sweet, can be handled, and is making efforts at learning tricks, Lucy is a Ninja. She is sneaky, tries to attack me every day, and bites really hard.

This is not what I envisioned when I decided to provide a home for them.

At what point do I cut her loose?

If I replace her, am I just likely to get more of the same? I have no interest in breeding. I got a pair so that they could keep each other company.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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