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Re: Time to re-home?

Theyíre beautiful. I would hate to see you rehome her/them. Unfortunately, when you get a pair of parrotlets, they arenít often going to be as tame as they might since they will often choose their own species for company. And even so, thereís no guarantee theyíll like each other, as youíre noticing. May I ask some questions?

Are they caged together or separately? If you donít want them to breed, youíll need to have them separate. You can keep the cages close together if they are upset by being apart. Separating them might also tone down the aggression. Parrotlets are notoriously cage-aggressive, and aggressive in general.

What have you done to get and/or keep them tame? All birds take a lot of effort in that department, and before I got Bumble, I was told that she could become untame in a matter of 2-3 days if I didnít handle her. I donít know if this is true because I wonít put it to the test. Sheís been out of her cage every single day since I brought her home (got her at 7 weeks, sheís 2 now).

This post is invaluable. You may have to start at square one with Lucy.

Have you tried having them out of cage one at a time so theyíre both getting undivided attention?

Target training is an amazing bonding tool and also gives you a little control (influence ??) over your bird. There are several threads around here about it. Once youíve got that mastered, you can teach a bunch of other tricks. Trick training is fun and rewarding for both bird and human, and itís always fun to show off your bird when you have guests [emoji16]

Basically, in the words of our esteemed Sailboat, itís never the fault of the parrot. Itís always the fault of the human. With that in mind, what can you change so that you have a more rewarding relationship with your little guys? And also with that in mind, yes, rehiring and replacing her is going to get you more of the same.

And finally, I hope youíve got your thickest skin on because there will be people who find the idea that youíre contemplating trading your bird in to be abhorrent and they are not going to be afraid to say so. Please remember thatís because the thing most of us here place first is the welfare of the bird.

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