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Re: Time to re-home?

They live together in a large aviary. I let them out daily and handle Ricky. I used to handle Lucy also, but she no longer allows it.

I'm pretty sure that the solution is to re-home Lucy. She causes too much stress for all involved.

I was hoping that perhaps if I was patient, she would settle down in time, but the more I research, the less I think that I will find a solution.

Now..... Aside from returning Lucy to the breeder, what would the best course of action be? I could not in good conscience give such an aggressive animal away.

The other day , she bit me so hard and attached herself to my finger. When I shook her off, she hit the floor and went limp. She was fine after a while, but I'm certain that she was concussed.

That's what I mean by saying that the situation must change.

Any thoughts?


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