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Kaka, the Cockatiel (Lutino with dark eyes (or clear pied?) 3 years- 6 days- now no more :(
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Re: Time to re-home?

Quote: Originally Posted by daviddewlow View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Inger View Post
Yes. Take both birds either back to the breeder or to a rescue and get yourself a Labrador.

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I'm going to keep Ricky and give Lucy to either an experienced bird family or to a rescue. Ricky is like family already....

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If you have a large aviary, why not get more parrotlets of the same species; possibly Lucy may bond with another mate and you can keep Ricky as a companion inside. Or may be it is just a male and female thing. I don't know much about parrot lets but in IRNs the females can often be vicious and the male friendly. You cannot change a Parrot's nature.
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