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Re: Time to re-home?

Quote: Originally Posted by Inger View Post
Ellen-they’re parrotlets [emoji3526]

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Yeah, I apologize, brain-fart...Same information applies, please pretend that it says "Parrotlets", lol...I've done that before, I think I go from one forum to the other and forget what species I'm thinking about at the time...But the information is all the same...

I'm so glad that you're choosing to try and work with your her David, it's the right choice. There have been lots of great suggestions given for you to try, and I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised after you give them a chance. I totally understand how hopeless a feeling you can end-up with when this happens and it seems that nothing you do helps it, and sometimes you just need a little help and advice. So you did the right thing and you're making the right choice to not give-up on Lucy. And don't ever hesitate to ask the community any questions you might have throughout the process...
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