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Re: Time to re-home?

Maybe it is not the best idea, but I find merit in it: he took on both birds to give them a good life. Chucking the 'underperforner' when it comes to being human-friendly is a bit harsh.

Like the other thread about the too's: the human likes one of the pair better and is now contemplating making the tame one an in-house-bird because of the few hours of fun they (human and parrot) have together, depriving the tamer bird of a 24/7 same species companion (and possible mate).

(And since all toos crave non-stop interaction, so that is for me a more open-and-shut case than the parotlets.)

We keep birds because we crave the trust, interaction etc. etc. they can give us -- but we also (or even more) have a responsability not to close our eyes for the needs and wants of the animal who has had no say in this.

So if the parotlets are vastly different in that one wants to interact with a human more than his own species - let him/her.
If you do not want the bother to lure the other one to the same way of thinking.. either rehome them as a pair (if they are a pair! DNA sexing would be good), (if not) rehome the unwanted one, or (be fair to your comitment) keep him and give him another mate (if you want to breed)/ friend (just for company)/ a complete flock (for fun and quality of life) in an aviary.
Watching birds live their birdlife can be just as much fun as teaching a tamed bird to do tricks.

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