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Re: Time to re-home?

Quote: Originally Posted by ChristaNL View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Inger View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristaNL View Post
If you do not want the bother to lure the other one to the same way of thinking.. either rehome them as a pair (if they are a pair! DNA sexing would be good)

Parrotlets are sexually dimorphic; no need to DNA sex. I do wonder if these two are clutch-mates, since it sounds like he got them at the same time.

I know, but it is not always as obvious in the different colour morphs.
No idea if this was the case or not.

I've heard too many people get it absolutely wrong.
Good point! But it looks like his are turquoise, so they should follow the typical markings. Blue under the wings means boy. They're sure pretty.
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