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Re: Please I need your help concerning Nestbox Size

Yeah, Nestbox size doesn't really matter as long as it's large enough for the species of parrot you're raising...[B]Just be sure to always keep at least a half an inch to an inch of bedding in the bottom of the nestbox at all times until the chicks are weaned and out of it, otherwise you'll end-up with a bunch of splay-legged Budgies...The mother will keep throwing it out, and you just need to keep putting it back in, lol...Use either a shredded paper bedding, such as Carefresh (best thing to use by-far for baby birds), or some other type of bedding that has no scent at all and contains no wood-oils (NO cedar or pine chips/bedding, best to stick to one of the shredded paper beddings).
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