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Re: Bingo's wierd perching

They all have different ways of perching, standing, laying, sleeping, etc. that they like. I've actually had some birds at the Rescue that sleep on the bottom of their cages while laying on their bellies, their backs, or even on their sides! I had a mini-stroke once because one of our Trainers called my phone telling me that a new Goffin Cockatoo that had just been dropped-off at the Rescue the day before and who was very healthy and checked-out very well during her Intake-Exam was dying in the bottom of her cage...I went running into the Quarantine room and she was just waking up, and that's how that bird slept every single night, on the bottom of it's cage on it's back!!! Totally healthy bird...

Bowie, my Green Cheek, sleeps while hanging on the bars of his cage...How he does this I don't know, it boggles my mind how you could actually sleep soundly and relax while having to grip the bars with both your beak and your feet...But he does it every night. Whatever makes him happy. I tried to break him of it and kept waking him up and putting him on the perch in his sleeping cage, but he'd just wait until I fell asleep and then went right back to hanging from the bars. So that's how he sleeps. He's a weirdo, but he's a happy weirdo...
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