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Re: Mirrors for Cockatoos?

Everyone's experience (like their birds) will be different. My best advice would be to try a mirro and see how your bird gets along with it. If his/her reaction is not so good (aggressive toward the 'intruder' or sexually loaded toward the potential love interest), then I'd remove it. (The mirror, not the bird). If the bird gets along with the mirror, then keep it. (The mirror and the bird.)

We put mirrors in with our loveys and they nearly went mental, fighting with the mirrors and each other until we took the mirrors away. My personal feeling is that if your bird treats the mirror as if it were another of his kind, that's a bit sad. There is no real friend there, just an inanimate piece of silvery glass. I prefer to give my birds real interactions instead of pretend ones, y'know?

I s'pose, in the end, it's like giving a dummy/pacifier to a baby. Whatever works for you.
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