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Advice on caiques

Hi everyone. I’ve been doing research on here in preparation for bringing a new feathered friend into our family. I am quite interested in sun conures, but when I took my partner to our local bird shop over the weekend (just to look and familiarise with the birds) there was a black headed caique. It really seemed to take to us and my partner in particular.

Now, I’m a fan of letting the bird choose you and we were a bit smitten with the little guy BUT I’ve read they are very hyper and wouldnt do well home alone during the day when people are at work (for us that would be about 7.5 hours every weekday during primary/high school terms).
When we’re ready to bring a new family member home I wouldn’t want us to fall in love with/be chosen and therefore bring home a caique only for it to be miserable because it would have to amuse itself all day before being let out for the evening most days.

Can all you caique owners impart your wisdom about living and caring for these adorable tumble species? I want to have as much information as possible to inform our choices so we can choose a bird that is going to have the best life possible with us.
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