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Re: Advice on caiques

Here's my two cents, based on personal experience.

When I lost my GCC, I decided on a sun conure, but was steered away from them because they are LOUD. I ended up decided on a Caique, but after doing a bunch more research, decided their independent nature (read: getting into trouble) wasn't for me. I returned to the sun...but through an odd and twisty series of events, ended up with a sun AND a caique.

The Sun: LOUD. Would like to know where I am NOW, please. Also extremely affectionate, a shoulder bird, wants to be with her humans quite a lot! Loves to rip stuff up (like all birds), lives for food. She's so endearing! She's got a few tricks, and steps up easily. Generally, aside from the loudness, a very easy bird.

The Caique: Now, the caique was the "problem child" of his clutch of three. The store I work with usually gets them very young, and handles them constantly. He came in a little older and, of the three, was the most hand shy and least friendly. Just adding this bit of info, as you may not see the same personality traits in your guy. Like all caiques, mine is an explorer, although he's kind of timid about it (I expect this to change as he gets older and more bold), which makes it easier to keep him contained and out of trouble. He's bonded to one of my conures, so it's not too traumatizing to him to be left during the day (their cages are next to each other). BUT, I'm also home 5 days out of 7, so he gets a lot of out of the cage time to bounce around. He has ENERGY. When the others are napping, he's usually bouncing on top of the cage. And, like the conures, he LIVES FOR FOOD. Oh, the nummy noises he makes when the chop arrives! He's still bitey - he expresses "I'm done with this" with a chomp, although we're working on this behavior (and it's never been a 'hold on and murder' like I've read can happen when Caiques are really pissed). He's definitely not a shoulder bird. We cuddle for a few minutes each night before bed, when I sing him his goodnight song, and he signals when he's done with squirming and bites if I ignore it.

So, I would ask is: what are you looking for in a bird, and what time of time do you have? If you're looking for a shoulder companion, I'd definitely recommend the conure. If you don't have a lot of time for training (tricks and such) and mental stimulation, I'd also recommend staying away from the caique (especially if he's an only bird).

Good luck!
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