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Re: Advice on caiques

Thanks so much for the information Jenypher!
What weíre mainly looking for in a bird is a fun companion thatís also somewhat independent. I say independent because the bird would have to remain home alone in its cage whilst weíre at work; I work in public schools so that means the bird would be alone from 8am to 3.30/4pm, Iíd make sure there are lots of stimulating toys in the cage (rotated regularly) and the radio left on, then once home the bird would be out of itís cage until its bedtime around 8/9pm. The bird would also be out most of the day weekends and when Iím home during the school holidays. When out the birdís time would be spent hanging out with us as we do things around the house, playing/learning Ďtricksí, and hanging out independently around itís cage/playpen (with us supervising so it doesn't get into trouble!).

Iím attracted to the suns because they seem calm and happy to ride the shoulder, also they seem like a good fit for a therapy bird (Iíd ultimately want to train the bird up so it can come to school with me once a week.
Iím attracted to the caique because Iíve heard they are very social and a good family bird as they tend to Ďmake friendsí with everyone and love to play. My partner would also prefer a quieter bird than a sun if possible but he hasnít handled/been around a sun yet (our bird shop didnít have suns due to time of year) so heís going to firm up his position on sound after heís hung out with some suns.

From what youíve said it seems that possibly either species would work for us...
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