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Re: Advice on caiques

I know it's a WORLD apart, but you might consider a pair of cockatiels. They're easy to take care of, can be trained, do great in pairs, make terrific shoulder birds, and the males tend to be talkative / whistle-y. They're also gentle, which makes them great for taking into a school setting. They're also not especially loud (although they do have their moments, their volume doesn't even come close to a caique or a sun). I know they aren't the sexiest parrot, but they are very fun and extraordinarily sweet.

Also, I forgot to mention: make sure you research puberty in Caiques. They go through a year or two long period where they can get really murder-y. From what I've heard / read, this is the period where most are given up for adoption. If you're interested in avoiding this, you might consider adopting a caique (there's no shortage) over the age of four.
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