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Re: Suddenly aggressive GCC

Yep, 3 weeks isn't nearly enough time to earn his trust and have him bond with you, you simply are the one who brought him home and gave him things and fed him well. That's it. And you've not been reading his cues at all, not your fault because you didn't know, but now as Noodles said you likely have to hit the "reset button" and start over with him, because he is very likely fearful of you, or at the very least does not trust you at all...That doesn't mean that he won't want treats/food and an occasional scratching/petting from you, as he did, but in-general he just doesn't trust you at all right now...

You have to remember that this isn't a hand-raised baby GCC who you just brought home from the breeder 3 weeks ago...In that situation things are completely different...This is a 3+ year-old GCC who doesn't know you, and if his prior owner just left him abandoned at a pet shop then his prior life with humans probably wasn't the best...It could have been a very abusive or probably neglectful household that he came from, so he's not been given any reason to trust humans in the past, why would he trust you right away after his prior owner just ditched him...He didn't know that his owner wasn't coming back for him when he dropped him off at the pet shop...So he has a lot going on, and now the Honeymoon-Period has ended, and now you're going to have to really earn his trust in order for him to actually bond with you/to you...And this takes time, and even more time for a parrot in his situation...

The "Timeout Cage" is a big no-no right now, but honestly what you provided him with was not a "Time-Out Cage" because it had food and toys in it, lol...That wouldn't do much to begin with, but because he wasn't bonded to you in the first place, he isn't going to listen to you anyway...As stated, to stop biting in a bird you're having biting issues with you just need to start respecting his territory and not EVER try to push him or force him to do anything at all, because if you do you're going to get bitten...And badly.

Earning the trust of an adult parrot who has been suddenly abandoned by their prior owner (who they may have been bonded closely to, you don't know) can take months and months...So you need to slow down, stop the time-outs and such, and try to read his cues..If you pick him up or put him on you when he doesn't want to do it, that will set you back further and further. But if you read his cues and respect his space, then eventually he'll start coming to you on his own, and he'll do it without the bites...But it's going to take patience and time from you...
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