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Re: Suddenly aggressive GCC

Quote: Originally Posted by Morganpayne083 View Post
Today I have felt a little under the weather and while eating some fresh fruit with me in bed he decided to run up and bite my lip making it bleed pretty bad
Just wanted to add this - Remi had this bad habit of biting when he wanted something I have. Like he is impatient and lashes out so that he can get what he wants (If I have a glass of water, a cracker, a piece of fruit etc.). It has taken a long time to break this habit. And we are still working on it. I just don't give him what he wants. Instead, he goes back on his perch and waits for the treat. It has helped but it takes time.
He has made so much progress in terms of his behavior and trust in the past ten months. When I first got him, I thought to myself wow what did I get myself into?? But now, I have the best little feathered buddy! He is not perfect by any means, but he has changed for better so much! So, don't give up.

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