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Re: Crop stasis/flushing the crop urgent!

If you don't have a candy/cooking thermometer with a metal-probe on it that you can keep in the formula the entire time you are feeding the chicks, you must go and buy one right now..They sell them the cheapest at Walmart in the kitchen-gadgets aisle for around $12-$15...And if the hand-feeding formula does drop below 104 degrees F while you are feeding the chicks (with only 3 it might not, but it usually does by the time you get through with feeding the first 2 chicks or so), THEN PLEASE DO NOT JUST POP THE ALREADY MIXED BUT TOO-COOL FORMULA IN THE MICROWAVE TO REHEAT IT!!! Instead you must heat-up more hot water or unflavored Pedialyte, whatever you're using to mix it, and then add it to the hand-feeding formula, mix it extremely well, and possibly add more formula-mix if it gets too watery, until it gets back between 104-110 degrees F...I usually would get the temperature up in the 115-120 degrees F range and then keep mixing it well until it got down to around 112 degrees F, then got the first chick out of the Brooder and fill the oral-syringe when it gets to 111 degrees F, because it cools down very quickly once it gets in the syringe...Then feed the first chick, put it back in the Brooder, then get the second one and do the same thing, until the formula gets down to 104 degrees F, then go and heat-up more water, add it to the formula, mix it very well, and put the thermometer back in it and add a bit more formula powder if it's really watery...The reason you can't just put the already-mixed formula into the microwave to re-heat it is because no matter how well you mix it afterwards there will still be extremely hot spots throughout it that will burn their Crops...

You also need to buy a digital kitchen-scale if you don't already have one, because you need to be weighing each chick every single day at the same time of day each time, and then writing down the date, time, and weight for each chick each day...The best time to weigh them is first thing in the morning BEFORE you feed them...They should each be continually gaining weight each day or two, all the way up until they are almost fully-weaned and when they first start to Fledge (fly), because they typically lose a bit of weight during the Fledging process...Not a lot of weight, but a few grams each day, until they are finally fully-Fledged, then the weights will stabilize and start going back up again...
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