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Re: I have a red Lored Amazon

It may take quite a while for him to warm up to you. I think you have made great strides just getting him to let you touch him. He sounds like he could be a really sweet bird for you.

First, I would slowly try to change his diet. Those foods are not good for parrots. When they get fat, they get fatty liver which could make them very sick. Fresh fruit and veggies, a nice pelleted parrot food and occasional nuts and seeds for treats should be good.

How much a vet visit would cost with all of those things depends on where you live. I am in NYC, and my I just paid $495 for my BFA to have grooming, bloodwork and health checkup. That is once a year for us. Some areas may be a little less, but it will still be a hefty price. CAV are pretty well trained, so most charge quite a bit. It really is important, though, after the diet he lived on before, to get him checked.

Just have patience with him and go slowly with new things. I bet before you know it, he will come around!
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