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Re: Is the badness coming?

Quote: Originally Posted by Iridal View Post
I've been reading all these posts about how people's conures become hormonal and aggressive overnight, usually between 1-2 years of age...

Mango is 2 years old this month and we've had zero aggression issues. I'm not saying this to yell "we're so awesome", but because I'm wondering... does it happen to everyone? Is it just out there waiting? I'm nervous, waiting for it.

I go for prevention over cure so we've been working in "lessons learned" from this forum to avoid the issue in the first place.... he is on a 12 hour up/down cycle all year. Day length and light barely changes for him. No snuggle huts. Plenty of out time. We keep him socialized between my husband and I and some friends. Not overly bonded to anyone. He "dive bombs" new comers sometimes but doesn't seem committed to an attack, I think he's overly excited and likes the reaction. We don't allow him to continue it. Treats solve the issue.

He seems fine. I mean yeah he's a bit more willful than he was at 5 months old. He'll "bite" if he doesn't like something, but its pretty rare and he never draws blood. Its more of a tantrum. Its not the nightmare I'm reading from others.

So is it only a matter of time before we wake up and our bird has picked one of us and attacks the other for the next 20 years? Or do some people get by peacefully?
I'm so glad you wrote this posting! I feel the same as you do. My Golden Conure is so friendly to EVERYONE he meets and is so sweet and kind and a cuddle monster! After reading so many posts about hormonal birds it freaks me out that this could be in the future for my Muffin. I do the same thing you do. Treats cure most behavior issues and enough sleep and proper diet and a window to look out of and lots of stimulation with toys and ample cage room seems to be eliminating the bad behaviors. I hope it continues to be so. I'll be curious to hear the replies to your posting. Best wishes with your Mango.
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