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parasite control?

How do you guys manage parasites? It has never been a significant issue in my flock, and I honestly don't think any of my birds have ever been treated for parasites. But that will change soon.

As you may or may not know, we are designing and building large winterizable aviaries for our budgie flock to live in when they are not in the house for pairing and raising chicks, or various other reasons. But it occured to me that by keeping them outdoors, they will very likely pick up parasites. What sort of anti parasite schedual should they be on? What products? Or should we only treat when there is an issue? We will do our own fecal tests, but what products should we use when/if needed?

The mammals on the farm are on a regular parasite control schedual, but none of the birds are(tho they are due for a worming, and a dust bath with probably premythrin since I noticed a tick on one of the chickens yesterday.
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