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Re: parasite control?

Hey, check around looking for chain link fence installation contractors. Commonly, they get a job to replace an existing chain link fence and commonly they are looking to dump what they pull off the job. Could be anything from 4, 6 or 8' heights.

Also, watch for farmers replacing the tin (metal) roofs on their corn, grain, etc. barns - those buildings they never want to leak! Double layer it with 2x4 used to separate (4" side) them really cools the interior heat in Summer and reduces heat loss 'somewhat' in the Winter. Will still want to insulate!

When you set your ground grade, target having the rain water running away and never to the center of your aviary.

FYI: If you have coyote, you do not have big cats, bob cats or wolf 'yet.' This group kill them off really quick. If you become aware that the coyotes are gone, start looking for the big guys. Wild house cats are eliminated by the coyotes. I'm guessing black bear. Generally, they steer clear of Humans. If you get one around your place more than a day, they need to be driven far away and quickly.


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