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Re: parasite control?

Checked the Merck veterinary manual, got the answers I needed.

Roundworms and protozoa are issues for the record. I suggest you read the link, but thanks for your input.

For the record I never expected fleas. Chickens do get ticks even though they eat them, especially in regions like ours:wilderness, TONS of wildlife, and large herds of farm animals nearby(at least 200 head of cattle between the two neighboring farms). Ticks are EVERYWHERE, even on at least one of my chickens(noticed a tick biting one of my chickens only a couple of days ago). I was wondering more about roundworms, gapeworms, cropworms, etc. So, more internal parasites than external.

Most farmers around here regularly worm their poultry, fyi. Same as they do their mammalian livestock. Different products(I assume) and different schedule, but same thing. Parasitic activity is pretty region specific. You may not have as many up north in Pennsylvania, but here in Kentucky they are a real presence, and they can even kill animals significantly larger than a budgie. Horses, goats, cows, turkeys, emus, etc.

Fyi: your post has a lot of info and thanks for that, I really do appreciate it. Just a heads up tho(please do not take this the wrong way), it also felt sort of patronizing. I don't think that was your intent, but it did come off that way at points. I actually have a background in biology and did research in a federal lab for a few years. I would never put any sort of "spot-on" treatment on a bird, ever. And I wasn't really asking about mites. I mentioned fecal tests, so I thought that was kind of clear I meant worms, protozoa, etc. Meh, not a big deal I just figured I would give you the feedback in case you were not aware.
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