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So yesterday afternoon I was exposed to Lumen's first tantrum. I had been out all day which is unusual for me. Got her out of her cage and went and sat on the couch to just hang out.

Everything was fine, we were just chillin'. She was grooming my beard and nibbling on my ear. I picked up my phone to play a game while I was just sitting. Lumen spotted the interesting colours and movement and went for my phone. Gently prying my phone out of her beak I turned it off and put it on the coffee table.

Holy cow what a tantrum! Car alarm shrieking in my ear, growling, biting and general mayhem. Running across the back of my neck from shoulder to shoulder. Eventually I was able to get her to step up and put her back in her cage so she could settle down.

Steep learning curve there. Mobile phones negatively affect bird moods and should be used sparingly around them
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