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Re: Weird Occurence

Quote: Originally Posted by CallumConure View Post
The problem with any animal work, domesticate or wild, is just the amount of heartbreak in it… Working with animals is incredibly rewarding at some times, but there's just moments like those that stick with me. I'm too sensitive to ever fully be happy working with animals.
Quote: Originally Posted by CallumConure View Post
If I may speak from the perspective of one living a lifetime ‘caring for humans’ (you know, the species that you dislike ), usually those with the ‘sensitive heart’ made the best carers.

I had thought about doing some sort of Zoology/Ecology route. I've always seen myself sitting on a hillside, notepad and pen in hand, watching animals continue with their lives and then record it for scientific purposes. I'd be down to study those weird animals. Bearded vultures, spotted hyenas, parrots, wild rats, snakes, etc. Wow, you could travel the world and enjoy working with wildlife.

I've kind of thought about becoming a professional wildlife rehabilitator or with education programs, but I quite frankly dislike people Ummm, now you just need to figure out how to do this and avoid the dreaded human species at the same time LOL.
Couldn't help but chuckle at the last comment! It elicited Callum's infamous (among my friends who have heard his imitation of my laughter) cackle as well, only because I laughed.

I could travel the world, hopefully there are job opportunities so I can help those kind of animals. New York has been a place I've always wanted to go, mostly to see these infamously large rats for myself.
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