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Re: Which conure is this ????

Its most likely a jenday (especially based on the first pic) however, its still too early to know for sure. But jendays, suns and sundays are all VERY similar in terms of common behaviors and traits.

However, IMO, sunnies are likely the more 'temperamental' of the three. I'm of the mindset that any parrot (from budgie to macaw) is capable of learning ANY trick or having any trait that any other parrot has. But that doesn't necessarily mean they will have it. There are plenty of budgies who speak hundreds of words and do loads of tricks and there are plenty of macaws that do neither. I've always been of the belief that you should approach any new fid with ZERO expectations for what they will/won't do as far as tricks, traits etc.

I've always found it MUCH more rewarding to focus more on encouraging their individuality and seeing them express it throughout the day. I could probably train Skittles to do all sorts of tricks, but I find it much funnier just watching him come up with his own. lol. Skittles is more of a cuddle-monster than anything else, lol. Which, ironically, is exactly what I have always wanted in a parrot. I've always wanted a velcro bird but never had one prior. At least not to the extent that Skittles is. Skittles is insistent on being with me, near me or on me about 95% of the time and yet I still find myself trying to coax him into being velcro-istic the remaining 5% of the time. lol

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