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Re: What to do with unwanted seed

Some of these sources seem to be unclear on that. I knew it was a class, but the implication is that one bird type can pass it to another bird type...
Read what it says in this link (I am not saying you are wrong---but read the link article below):
"Besides Psittaciformes, the virus also infects other avian families like Columbiformes, Passeriformes and Anseriformes [13]."
Within that specific paragraph, it doesn't seem to be talking about the viral class.

I am no expert on virology, so like I said, I am not saying you are wrong, but I am not sure that scientists are even sure on this one---with viral mutations etc, the implication is that many years ago, the virus started out as one strain and mutated to infect parrots and non-parrots.

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