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Re: Crusty cere

Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD View Post
Also, the Budgie behind your female is obviously a male....Are they housed together in the same cage? If so, then this is exactly what is causing her to go into Breeding-Season, and if they are mating/breeding you are going to get fertile-eggs; EVEN IF THEY AREN'T BREEDING/MATING, SHE IS PROBABLY GOING TO START LAYING INFERTILE-EGGS, WHICH IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR HER TO DO IF SHE CONTINUES TO LAY CLUTCH AFTER CLUTCH AFTER CLUTCH OF INFERTILE EGGS!!!

****I would advice you, highly advise you to NOT ALLOW YOUR BUDGIES TO BREED!!! I don't think you have any experience hand-raising or hand-feeding baby parrot chicks, and it's extremely common for Budgies to actually attack their babies, kill their babies, kick their babies out of the nest-box, or to refuse to feed the babies, and then you have to remove the babies from the nest-box, put them in a proper Brooder to keep them at the correct Ambient/Air Temperature for their level of feathering, and you must feed them hand-feeding formula that is always at the correct temperature range using a Cooking/Candy Thermometer, and do it every 2-3 hours INCLUDING OVERNIGHT up until they are 4 weeks old, and then you go to feeding them once every 3-4 hours during the day, and they can go 6 hours overnight without eating..Then at 5 weeks old and forward, up until they fully Abundance-Wean between 8-12 weeks old (you can't force them to wean), they need fed once every 4-5 hours during the day from that point until they start to Abundance wean themselves...It's not easy, it's difficult, you can kill them in any number of ways, and if you don't have a Brooder to keep them at the correct Air/Ambient Temperature they will develop a horrible Fungal/Yeast Infection in their Crops, then they need to go to an Avian Vet for diagnosis and prescription Anti-Fungal meds or they die, same thing happens if you don't have a proper Candy/Cooking Thermometer and keep the hand-feeding formula between 104 degrees F and 110 degrees F at all times...And you can very easily Aspirate formula into their lungs and kill them instantly...And Budgies often have very large clutches of eggs/babies, average is 6 eggs, but typically they get up between 8 and 13 eggs...It's lot of work and you have to be home all day long...So you don't want to allow them to breed/mate...

***The other issue that you MUST deal with immediately is that you female went into Breeding-Season in the first place because of the male, and this will likely cause her to start laying Infertile Eggs if they haven't mated, or Fertile Eggs if they have...And she will continue to lay egg after egg after egg UNLESS YOU KNOCK HER OUT OF BREEDING SEASON by making sure she is in her own, individual cage and not housed with the male, you make sure she has NO NEST-BOX!!! As well as NO other types of Boxes, Tents, Beds, "Huts" (like the "Happy Huts" or "Snuggle Huts" or "Triangle Beds", they are called a lot of different names), no Hammocks, no Blankets, no Towels, etc. NO small, dark places that she can get inside of or underneath AT ALL, and also nothing in the bottom of her cage that resembles or can be used as a "Nesting-Material", such as any type of Animal-Bedding/Rodent-Bedding, Wood-Chips, Shredded-Paper, Corn-Cob Bedding, Crushed Walnut Shell Bedding, etc. Only sheets of Newspaper, Butcher Paper, or other sheets of paper or actual Bird-Cage Liners that you put UNDER the grate in the bottom of her cage...All of these things that give her a small, dark place to get underneath or inside of, as well as anything that looks like or can be used as Nesting-Material all cause their hormones to go crazy, putting them in Breeding-Season, keeping them there, and this will cause a female to start laying eggs...And laying clutches of eggs is extremely hard on a female Budgie, and can kill her by causing Malnutrition, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Egg-Binding, which is 100% fatal without medical-intervention once it happens...So this is why you need to keep the female in her own cage by herself, and also make sure that she has BOTH a Cuttlebone AND a Mineral Block inside of her cage at all times so that she gets as much Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, etc. that she needs while she's hormonal, and just in case she starts laying eggs...If she does start laying eggs, you'll need to follow a plan to try to knock her out of Breeding-Season and stop her from laying clutch after clutch after clutch, because simply removing the eggs from her cage will only keep her laying more and more...
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