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Re: Cookie The 'Tiel!

Cookie has a little something to add to this thread. Here it is:

Hello fellow birds and hoomans!

I got a new bird mate. Mommy calls him "Mochi" so I think that's his name..?

He's really tiny and blue..and freaky. I don't like it when he come to me I feel like he's gonna do something to me. And besides, I'm the only one that is allowed to approach birds (and humans) like that. He doesn't seem to know how to fly..which is good, he can't follow me around. He doesn't even eat seeds! Or veggies! That's so weird! It's not like mommy can feed him forever. He needs to learn to eat!

Enough about "Mochi". It's time to talk about what I want to talk about!

Today was pretty rainy..and cold. It's still pretty cold.. But warmer. I'm also losing a lot of feathers and I feel soo itchy! I think this is called a molt..........

I don't have anything else to talk about.. So I guess I'll be leaving


Yep, I guess that's all Cookie has to say..Oh and Cookie actually is scared of Mochi though he cautiously approaches Mochi whenever he's sleeping.

Mochi, Cookie and I hope you had/have a good day!

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