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Re: Greenwing Panting

Hi, @Karen. It sounds like Fregley has a great human. :]

You started by saying the breathing incident happened after Fregley ate. I would pay close attention to the timing of eating and the onset of the panting, to help determine the cause as food versus environment. However, his food dish is not food, and could be part of the environment. I recommend using safe soap, and still rinsing well.

I use this for hand washing dishes:

As for Fregley's food staying the same, consider that the supplier of his food could have changed sources. So, to you it's the same source, but it is actually from a new source.

Lastly, if you could measure his heart rate, while he eats, that would be really helpful. I suspect that sounds crazy, but for people, pinpointing food allergies can be easier using a heart-rate monitor while they eat. The human gut is also part of our immune system. If a food triggers "fight-or-flight" to a mild degree, a heart-rate monitor can detect it. Maybe just watch his breathing (chest expansion and contraction) while he eats.
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