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Re: Question about non-stick cookware

Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwibird View Post
Teflon fumes are odorless and generally have no effect on larger mammals like dogs, cats and humans. They can quickly and silently permeate an entire home and no one would know until the bird is dying/dead. Teflon is NOT safe to use in a home with birds no matter how far away they are. Get new pans.

I personally like/use triply stainless. No coatings to chip off, though there are some newer ceramics that are bird safe, but they will chip, scratch and generally loose their effectiveness over time and use. If you buy quality stainless multiply pans, you will get a lifetime of use out of them. I got mine at Sur La Table years ago on clearance. They now sell a newer design but you can often find sales there. I also have 360 bakeware and all clad bakeware. Aluminum, stainless, glass or stoneware bakeware is the more economical bird safe route as triply bakeware is hard to find and expensive if you donít bake very often (but super worth it if you love baking like I do!). My pans and bakeware have proven virtually indestructible, it was a big upfront cost, but I have never regretted investing in quality for something we use constantly day in day out. Thereís a learning curve to stainless for sure, but I never have sticking issues with mine (the bakeware is so good, I donít even have to grease it). On the rare occasion Iím not paying attention and something sticks/burns on, theyíre very easy to clean by simply soaking overnight and scraping with a pan scraper. Iíve only had to use more drastic measures once for severely burnt on (like 1/4Ē thick coating) oatmeal and even then, pan came back to brand new inside using soaking, barkeepers friend and some elbow grease.
Agreed and what I use pretty much and what I recommend to others.
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