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Re: Question about non-stick cookware

Teflon fumes don’t linger long after the source (overheated Teflon product) is no longer above the temperature required to off gas. I wouldn’t worry about residual fumes. I also wouldn’t inflict the Teflon pans on your mom. They need to go to the dump. Teflon is acutely toxic to birds, but more and more studies are coming out showing it is also toxic over longer periods of time to humans as well. When the pans chip and flake and leech into the food through use, those chemicals linger and poison the body. They’re now linking Teflon exposure to cancer, endocrine and reproductive issues in humans. Sadly, much like what’s happening right now with glyphosate and Monsanto (now merged with Bayer), Dow chemical/DuPont/3M, the makers of Teflon products, have bottomless pockets to fund their own biased research and line the coffers of watchdog organizations to get them to discredit smaller independent studies and deem their unsafe products as “safe”.

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