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Re: Quick question on mating...

This indicates that there are a lot of hormones happening and hormones alone could still lead to increased behavioral problems (e.g., aggression, screaming, egg-laying, egg-binding [dangerous] and feather destructive issues, as well as heightened cage-aggression etc).
Egg-binding can happen when a bird produces an egg internally and cannot properly expel it. Egg-laying can happen in single-bird homes when a bird is sexually stimulated or hormonally triggered. No male bird is required for a female to lay eggs and egg-laying is fairly risky as it can also lead to additional complications, like prolapse.

Make sure you have no huts/tents/canopies/boxes/bedding/paper piles/ hollows/ low ledges etc inside or outside of their cages. Access to shadowy spaces can trigger nesting/hormonal/mating behavior, and you do not want that. Similarly, do not allow your birds to hang out under your clothing, in shelving units, under furniture, under pillows, under blankets etc. Anything cave-like is going to contribute to the problem (even if they appear to enjoy seeking out these sorts of dark spaces).

Also, when handling your birds, please ensure that you are only petting on the head and neck. Anything else is very sexual for them and should be avoided (in order to prevent increased hormonal activity).

IF YOUR FEMALE LAYS AN EGG (or, more likely, eggs)---leave it/them in the cage until she loses interest!! If you do not, you will trigger her drive to mate again and continue laying.

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