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Re: Obtained a mate for Amazon parrot, now both are aggressive

Where to start, where to start?
Tons of should have done's etc, etc, etc's...
Well, let's start with understanding basic Amazon Body Language. Go to the top of the Amazon Forum and read the second Highlighted Thread: Understanding Amazon Body Language. Find a chair and move it fairly close to their cage and start reading it out-loud in a comforting voice. The goal is twofold; you get to learn their base language and they have you around for a non-confrontational period of time. Continue to repeat the above until you have their language understood like its your first language. Set a couple of times during the day and keep reading more, like the other Highlighted Thread: I Love Amazons - ... If you complete that huge Thread, read back into the past Threads in the Amazon Forum. The goal is that after your readings, everyone should be more comfortable with each other.
Goal: Only good things happen when Humans are around!!!
Lots more, tons in fact! But this will get you started.
Remember, the Amazons are acting out of Hard Wired responses! Hence!
- It is never the fault of the Amazons!
- It is always the fault of the Humans!
This commonly requires a change in the Human's Vantage Point! When you view near any interaction /action from this new Vantage Point, you will see what you are doing wrong quicker and change it.

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!
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