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Re: Obtained a mate for Amazon parrot, now both are aggressive

Thanks Noodle and Sail Boat,

I'm definitely playing the role of doing damage control, since like I mentioned I am not the owner of the parrot/ person who decided to get them a mate or person who makes decisions about the parrots.

That being said, I can do my small part to try to make them more comfortable/ educate the owner about the parrots. I am particularly concerned about the laying eggs part, since I've read that it generally does not have a good outcome. Thank you Noodles for your comments/advice on this matter. I'll read up on the subject using other resources as well. To answer your question they do spend most of their day outside of the cage. In fact the majority of the problem with their aggressiveness is when they are put away to go to bed and when I have to reach into their cage to feed them.

Thanks Sail Boat for the advice of sitting next to them and reading out loud to them I previously used this technique when I first met the male bird years ago. Also I strongly agree on your comment about "only good things should happen when humans are around" and "It is never the fault of the Amazons/- It is always the fault of the Humans". This is golden and probably applies to most animal species as well.

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