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Re: Cookie The 'Tiel!

Quote: Originally Posted by AmyMyBlueFront View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by ChocolateChipCookiez View Post
Cookie saw a chick (Bak-Bak) eat for the first time yesterday. S/he was very curious to what Bak-Bak was and even took some of Bak-Bak's food.

Here's a picture and a video of the meeting

Cookie and Bak-Bak.. - YouTube

Also Cookie has asked me to show you all his/her amazing singing. Here it is!

Cookie *attempts* to whistle - YouTube
Do Cookie and Bak-Bak hang out with each other and play together??
Bak-Bak is adorable!


Well, both of them weren't very fond of each other. And I'm using "weren't" because Bak-Bak is no longer with us. She didn't die or anything (at least I hope not), We sold her because my father did not like the smell coming from her coop...

Quote: Originally Posted by AmyMyBlueFront View Post
I pray that you aren't having thoughts of having Bak-Bak for dinner!!!!


I didn't! But I think the rest of my did. Well, she is gone anyway...

I miss her...


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