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Re: Obtained a mate for Amazon parrot, now both are aggressive

Thanks all for your responses.

Pacho/Plumas Pacho are cute names, that def made me smile.

Chooki (the bird that has been around us for 10 years) is pretty good with me on his own. I'm not his owner, but I'm the one that has interacted with him the most and done the baby steps necessary so that he allows me to give him head scratches until he falls asleep & he'll step up to me without biting, etc. It's just when he's with Fiona (the new parrot), especially on their cage that he'll get in front of her and aggressive. He gets all fluffed up but will still let me touch his head. Of course if Fiona sees me petting him she gets upset, and that makes him upset. All this I know is normal for them given the situation.

Any additional tips/suggestion would be helpful. There is loads of info on working with parrots when they're alone, but not so much when they're with a mate which is why I was asking if it would be beneficial to separate them for training sessions.

I think I'll use the reading technique when they're chilling on their cage until the female is not as frightened of me. My ultimate goal with her is to tone down her fear/aggression to the point where she'll step up onto a stick/ not dive at me if I get too close. I know the 3 of us will never be best friends and Chooki will not be as tame as he used to be because he will always be protective of her, that's okay with me. I'm just trying to find a new balance for them given their new situation so they won't be as stressed.

I really really appreciate all who have taken the time to respond (I know that many of the suggestions are things that have had to be repeated time and time again in this forum and I appreciate the patience it must take to work with new/less experienced parrot owners).
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