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Re: Advice on buying caique

It’s always best to let the bird choose you.
This might not be obvious when dealing with really young birds.
Lucky the Cockatiel chose me by landing at my feet where I was working.
Baby the Cockatiel chose me. He was a baby at the time.
Bella the CAG chose me. She was a rescue but in theory young, less than 5 years old.
Luna was a rescue and more/less chose my Son & I.

Of all the birds that chose me only Bella has changed her..... favorite person. She has been going through puberty and has become my wife’s favorite person. I can still pick her up, let her ride my shoulder, take a shower. I just can’t scratch her,I’ll get bitten if I try.

When a young birds goes through puberty all bets are off.
cockatiel family :
Lucky (M pied)
Baby (M pied)
Pinky (F lutino) R.I.P.

Sunny mother (cinnamon)R.I,P.
Cheeky father (whitface)
Angel (eldest lutino F)
Mango (middle pearl F)
Popeye (male grey M)
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