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Re: Questions about Greys

As stated above, get a "collapsible bird (dog) cage." They are excellent for a travel cage and by adding toys and perches from home helps settle your Parrot.
NOTE #1: This cage should be introduced months in advance at home before your travel!!!
NOTE #2: This cage would be one of the last things packed into the trunk and one of the first things you take into where you are staying. With food, water and toys, you Parrot can be busy while your unloading and then loading!!!

Traveling with a Parrot that suffers from Car Sickness is no fun!!!
1. Short trips helps build-up a comfort with traveling. If the only time you travel with your Parrot is to the Vet, you are setting yourself up for problems.
2. If you are using a travel cage or a backpack style carrier, try locating it in different locations in the car /suv. Commonly, the problem is fairly basic, MOTION! Because of where they are located, their mind does not connect the movement (bouncing around) with the the fact that they are moving down the road. By placing the cage higher, so that they can see and connect the bouncing around with the moving down the road. Remember they fly, so once they connect the two, life gets better.
3. Freaking-out in heavy traffic. Sports cars and small low set cars in general are a nightmare when you are caught between two Semi's. It is even more of an issue for your Parrot. We have a larger SUV, one step down from a land yacht, which we refer to as the glassmobile and our Amazon loves it. Well right-up to the point that we get caught between those Semi's. Communication, communication, communication as you see the event coming up, during and after helps greatly.


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