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2 Rainbow Loris. Molly and Bosley. They both left home and have partners now. Come back to feed sometimes. Just have Sonny an Ecky... more than enough
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15 month old molt... normal ??

15 month old molt... normal ??-p1070809.jpg

15 month old molt... normal ??-p1070810.jpg

Sonny is now 15 months old and has been losing the odd feather most days. They are being replaced on his tail and wings slowly. However, on his neck he's getting progressively balder, I keep waiting to see some pins coming in but so far nothing is happening. This started about 6 weeks ago in this area. He still has his fly outside each day for up to an hour and seems quite happy. I saw somewhere that sweet potato is good for feathers so he's offered that each day.
Can anyone tell me if I should panic please ?? trying not to at this stage. Thanks John
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