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2 Rainbow Loris. Molly and Bosley. They both left home and have partners now. Come back to feed sometimes. Just have Sonny an Ecky... more than enough
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Re: 15 month old molt... normal ??

Thanks for the info. I've found an avian vet a few hours drive away and sent the photos to her. Given all the details to her. He is a very happy bird and is eating, talking, flying etc as normal. I hope to hear something back maybe tomorrow.
His skin looks fine and his other feathers are good. The new ones are beautiful especially the ones on his tail, these are blue with green and yellow tips. He flies like a demon and was chased by a magpie the other day and lost him/her with no trouble. This was more for fun I think as he came back 30 seconds later and sat and talked on the roof but had no interest in flying to me..... he was having too much fun. he amazes me every day.
I've never had a bird like this and I've had birds for 40 years now. All my cockatoos that I had are back in the wild as I believe they should be in this country.
Sonny however belongs much further north, The woman that bred him has some that are free during the day and she said that they find food around here. He has come come back a couple of times with juice from berries on trees that he must see the other birds eating. I do get nervous when he's out though and enjoy the days when it's too windy or very wet as I keep him in those days, also when the resident wild birds spot a raptor, Sonny knows about them too.
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