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Cute story about Bamboo

So I know Iím probably weird to love my betta fish, but heís really a fascinating animal with a surprising amount of personality. Heís super active and always swimming around, exploring his tank and goes nuts when he sees us. Iíve never actually seen a betta fish so active before, they usually just sit on the bottom of the tank. Guessing being in a 7gallon tank with plants and decor makes a huge difference in bringing out their personalities over keeping them in a vase

Anyways, today we were sitting there and see him go nuts, doing flips and weird motions near the bottom of his tank. Looked a bit closer and a small fly was on the tank stand right in front of the glass and boy did he want to eat it! It was pretty amazing he saw that thing and went after it like that. Poor guy was really trying his best too. I didnít feed it to him because Iím not sure if itís safe (we live in a condo and they may spray stuff outside) but it was pretty fascinating to watch. Itís scenarios like that which make me really appreciate my animals and makes the work I put into keeping them healthy and in proper enclosures worthwhile! I love observing interesting animal behavior.
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