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Re: Cute story about Bamboo

Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
Not much into fish, but had always wondered why betta fish always seem to be 'stored' in those empty small tanks. Clearly your larger tank, plus the decorations you have added does provide stimulation to his life.

Always something to learn at Parrot Forums, even non-Parrot stuff!
They are kept in the cups in the pet store because they will fight and kill each other if put in the same tank (they are also known as Siamese fighting fish), which is for their own safety and the pet store should be cleaning the cups daily. BUT you aren’t suppose to KEEP them in a cup after purchase! They suffer greatly because of their amazing ability to survive in a puddle until the rains come and wash them back where they belong, but they actually live in rice paddies and gentle streams. But the popular myth is they like living in puddles (they do not) and actually prefer a filthy, unheated, unfiltered vase or bowl to a proper setup (which they do not). In this day and age, it serves an excuse to not have to spend the amount of money you should to give the animal a good quality of life. You can buy a betta and a vase or bowl for under $20 but you’d have to spend closer to $75+ on a proper basic setup. My setup cost closer to $200 because I bought a fancy rimless tank and handmade fish hides off Etsy. Having seen how active my betta is, I now feel so bad for every one I see sitting on a desk in a vase looking like it wishes it was dead

Each male betta needs a 2.5 gallon or larger tank (5-10 gallon is more ideal) with substrate, a filter, heater, some kind of plants (silk or real) and a place to hide. Female bettas can be kept in groups of 3 or more, called a sorority, in a 10+ gallon tank. You can also put a single male betta pin larger community tanks that don’t have brightly colored fish or fish with flowy fins (which they may mistake for another betta and attack) or species known to nip the fins of other fish (which may attack the betta).

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