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Re: How to make my too love me

Quote: Originally Posted by Ianknight View Post
Hey yall I was wondering if there where any ways to make my bare eyed cockatoo bond to me strongly, iv had him a few days now and he does like to be on my shoulder but when he sees a new person he shows a lot of love and climbs on them more frequently than me its like hes bored of me after a few days. I dont know if he just needs to settle more but anyways, does anyone know any ways to gain love and affection and trust from my bare eye too thanks for any replies also if it helps he has trouble with things that shake he gets scared easily

Hello Ianknight,

In addition to Scott's link for bonding, just remember that your new Too is 1 year old so still developing/maturing. You will witness maturational changes: hormone, behavior, emotional, and physical changes. As all species have developmental differences, and different body languages, please refer to this link: Owning a cockatoo.

You have had tiels and budgies before but Too's are different yet again. Despite the years of parronting that we all have, these two links are worth reading as a refresher:
Parrots Bill of Rights

Bond forming

Please keep us updated on your progress. We wish you well.

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