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Re: Trying to find the right bird for me

What excellent advice you have received from Munami!
It also sounds like you are prepared to treat your future bird as part of the family and consideration in all aspects of life. That's fantastic! Sadly future significant others might actively dislike your bird kid, or not be as willing to make sacrifices and accommodation like you are.
That aside I really enjoy my Quakers, they look more bird like than many of the other parrots, but they are a unique branch of parrots. They are very smart, often compared to African Grey smart, and I concure , though still hedge the Grey's are smarter. They tend to enjoy as a group, cuddles and head scritchs as in the wild they live in large flocks in unique community nesting structures. They are vocal and many members of this species become talkers. They like to chew and play with toys, and enteract with you. They have a known tendency to become agressive defenders of their cage, and it's best except this. Away from their cage they are great.
Now because they are smart active and social, they are very probe to self destruction if their needs aren't met. They will scream tear out their feathers , mutilate themselves, chew off toes on their feet, loose their minds. I have one that is loud all the time for fun, not so loud in Volume that people next door hear, but loud enough I can't think or easily watch TV.... I also have a few birds a d I'm home, I don't know if that plays into my and their happiness.
These Quakers are often given up by newbe parrot owners who didn't know what they where getting into, or given up after they have plucked themselves into perceived uglyness.. so I very much encourage bringing in a rehomed or rescue parrot. I believe in that for any species of parrot, many are wonderful birds just given up because of inconvenience....
Good luck , I hope you find a special friend of any species of parrot. If you meet enough parrots one will pick you!
May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your sorrows as light as the foam.
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