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Re: Trying to find the right bird for me

I suggest meeting as many birds as you can first.

After I got my two tiny little petstore budgies, I started looking for a somewhat larger bird. (I did not know the budgies were just tiny babies.) I was fortunate to learn of a good petstore several towns away with a variety of birds, and I was able to interact with them. Also I had met some friends' birds, visited another bird store, and visited the local SPCA. (They only had one, un-friendly bird at the time.)

Most of the birds I met were quite likeable. However I had actually decided to NOT get another bird at all, just stick with the budgies, when I happened to see a particular Sun Conure at Petco, and fell in love.

(Just to be clear. I didn't fall in love with sun conures In General. It was my one particular bird. I've since met a couple other beautiful Sun's, and like them very much, but they were Not the One I fell in love with.)

So now I have my own Sunny. But I did not set out to get a Sun Conure; in fact I was not considering one like her at all.

So anyway, just to say --do all your research, but try to Meet some birds too, if you can, before you decide. For all you can find out about each species, they really do each have their own personalities too.
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