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Re: Plucking... need Female Mate for my MARCO

Hi there!

What happens if you get a female, and your male and her do NOT get along??

It's never good to get another bird to be a mate for your existing bird, as there is absolutely NO guarantee they will even like each other, in fact they may even HATE each other, and then what do you do??

Only get a bird because you want one. Sounds like your ekkie males has some issues of his own he needs worked out, and a new bird could work or could go horribly wrong.

If you do acquire a new female, be sure to keep them in separate cages for a while. Just because they are the same species does not automatically mean they will even get along, or the females will even solve his plucking problems.

I'm not sure if you are looking for the right thing for your bird -- better to address the plucking behavior instead of bringing a new bird with a potential whole wnew set of problems into your life.

My do not need a female! You need to address the plucking behavior with your male ekkie with a certified avian vet. Without the funds to pay for one too you will either be left with adopting another rescue (with problems of her own) or not finding one at all. Put your funds towards help for your male to get better.
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