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Re: Help vet over trimmed feathers!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by Loroparque View Post
Please I need urgent help im literally panicking
Ive had my 2 cockatiels for about a month, they are 8 months old. Today, they flew into a window so I took them to a vet to check for cuncussions.

The vet recommended i trim the Feathers, i agreed and left the room which was super bad i feel so guilty for leaving them with the vet

HE cut 7!!! Feathers on each wing all the way to the cover feathers and they literally fall like Stones when they try to take off!!!!!

Im completely devestated, they were good at flying and theyre so upset with me right now!!

I cant afford another vet visit and hes the only one near by as I live out nowhere and im not going back to the ***king butcherer of a vet who handicapped my babies

How can i make this easier for them until they molt next season? Ive hearf they can injure themselves, and theyre not quite hand tame yet and I feel like my relationship has been taken bavkwards with my babies now as they hiss whenever i Come close...

Please help, i am gonna buy them a lot of ladders and a cat tree and ropes so they can get around but they must be feeling awful

They also fight a lot since we got back, which rarwly happened before they got botched, how cab i prevent this?

Sorry if this is a mess im crying of guilt and not thinking quite xlearly thanks in advance

OK not great but they will grow back honest! My RB2 had her wings butchered, some so short I was panicking that she may need some imping BUT even the teeny tiny ones left have come out and she flies again, landings are another thing LOL. They are scrapping with one another because they cannot escape if one is getting on their nerves. Can you give a bigger space in the short term, more activities, foraging for food will concentrate their minds some. OK they hiss so does my G2 at times, you have an opportunity to get to know these babies, make the most of it. 'Tiels are intelligent birds, play with them, see if they will learn to whistle, you can play a bit part in their lives and really set the scene on your future relationship, make the most of it hun. :-)

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